The Bodhiraja Buddhist Society was formed in 1998 to facilitate the practice of Buddhism and the teaching of Dhamma for the devotees and active supporters of the Foundation in Singapore.

Our Activities (Regular Programs)

Puja Services

Buddha Puja services and Pali chanting are conducted on every Monday to Sunday at 8. pm.


Mahayana Chanting

Mahayana Chanting on 88 Buddhas is conducted on the every new moon day of the month at 8.00 pm. 



Meditation classes are conducted every Sunday  at  8 p.m. Participants are also invited to share their experiences with fellow practitioners.

Special meditation retreats are available upon request


Dhamma Talk

Dhamma talks on basic Buddhist doctrines and their application to daily lives are conducted on Sunday with Puja and Meditation. 


Yuan Ji Dance

Tuesday and Friday at 8.00 pm.



The Society organises regular pilgrimages to Sri Lanka. Participants can experience first hand the practice of the religion in this Buddhist country and visit many of the Buddhist historical sites, some of which date back many centuries. To date, 7 such tours had been conducted under the guidance of Ven. Dr Sobhita Thero.

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